How Can We Help YOU?

Performance Physical Therapy

Philadelphia, PA
(Cherry Hill, NJ)


Located inside

I am a performance physical therapist in the suburbs of Philly. If you are in town and want to get an evaluation or get a few sessions in, reach out! I specialize in the detailed care through the spectrum from injury back to life.

Only have a few days? We can get an extensive, multi-step global movement evaluation and create a plan for success.

Not local and still want to work with me? I have been working over FaceTime and Zoom for years.

Are you an athlete from out of town or in-season? Come by to get a tune up and be prepared for battle week in and week out.


Call or Text (609) 933-9922 NOW!


Travel AND Virtual Physical Therapy

Anywhere You Need Me


You read that right - anywhere you need me!

Do you need a quick weekend tune up? Help with an injury around the clock? Another set of eyes? Just not happy with what you're getting and need to make sure you are getting the care you SHOULD be getting?

I have everything we need to set up as a mobile or virtual PT. Everything can get with me on the plane or behind a screen and we can make it happen! Get in touch with me - DM, text, email, FaceTime. 


Call or Text (609) 933-9922 NOW!




I am an education instructor for RockTape. I get to travel the country and teach courses to ANYONE who wants to learn. Fun fact: I teach ALL courses within the RockTape FMT curriculum!

My philosophy is simple: teaching is learning. I love to teach and I would love to learn WITH you. Every time I teach I learn and I would love the opportunity to meet you and teach a course at your facility!

Interested in taking one of my courses?

Check out the RockTape website ( to see a list of courses that are already being offered in your area!

Want me to come teach a course at YOUR FACILITY!? AND you can take it FOR FREE!

There are some awesome perks to hosting a course at your facility! Let's get in touch and we can make it happen.

Call or Text (609) 933-9922 NOW!


Virtual Physical Therapy Mentorship

My good friend once said to me "mentorship at work is like the abominable snowman... it doesn't exist".

I have come to realize through my own experiences and the stories I hear from others, real mentorship is hard to find. It was a struggle for me to find mentors within this field when I started my career. The struggle is OVER! I would love the opportunity to help you, guide you, and mentor you.

I am happy to offer virtual mentorship opportunities at a limited capacity (unfortunately because I only have so many hours in the day). If you are interested PLEASE do not hesitate to get in touch with me and let me know! Click the link below... and let's get ROCKIN'.